In 2022, THE OBX WAY was founded to organize a FREE public archive for Outer Banks trails, based on TRUE hiker research.  Importantly, THE OBX WAY partners with communities and organizations to improve outdoor recreation appreciation and access.

In 2023, THE OBX WAY established Jockey's Trail, a 50-mile pilgrimage from Jockey's Ridge to the VA border, inspired by backpacking treks across Carolina, Ireland, and Spain.  Although Jockey's Trail is an epic journey, it is not a thru-hike, limited by logistics.  Specifically, there is only one authorized tent campsite, located in Colington.  Stealth camping is not recommended.

Alternatively, THE OBX WAY championed North Carolina's 2023 Year of the Trail initiative and engineered sections of Jockey's Trail as "Community Path" day-hikes.  This project was made possible by a grant from the Outer Banks Community Foundation and produced a FREE online map with distance and service markers for trails from Nags Head to Carova.

Additionally, THE OBX WAY partnered with Dare County Schools'  Careers Beyond the Counter HONORS course internship program to mentor an aspiring photographer.  The ambitious student began learning the importance of attention to detail in online image editing and trail information accuracy.  Our creative collaboration produced photos for local, state, and national competition, while authoring "10 Outer Banks Hikes" on the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau website.

In 2024, THE OBX WAY will continue its Careers Beyond the Counter internship to develop an Outer Banks Paddle Map, featuring public access sites, route distances, and service markers.  The map will strategically focus on the Sounds and Roanoke Island.  Optimistically, THE OBX WAY will also attempt to establish The Outer Banks Trail Center.


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